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المبارك:    287 - الملك فيصل street - Al-Murabba' District

يحتل موقعاً ممتازاً وسط مدينة الرياض ، مستشفى أهلي وصرح طبي متكامل وعلى أحدث النظم الطبية العالمية ، به نخبة ممتازة من افضل الاستشاريين والأخصائيين في جميع التخصصات وقسم للعناية المركزة وجرا    more >>

Working من الساعة 8:30 صباحاً حتى الساعة 12:00 ظهراً ومن الساعة 5:00 حتى الساعة 9:00 مساءً

Phone Number4015282Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Ta'iminaat:   Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal street - Ar-Rawabi District

This hospital is part of the 'Foundation for Social Security', covers an area of 110,000 square meters, and specializes in a numberof fields. It has wards for opthamology, dentistry, cardiov    more >>

Phone Number4933000Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Humanitarian City:   Al-Qassim Highway street - Badr District

Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Humanitarian City is located in Binban in the north end of Riyadh on the Qasim Expressway. The area of the city is 1,200 square meters. The medical city is specialized     more >>

Working 24 hrs.

Phone Number5620000Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Specialized Medical Center Hospital:    657 - King Fahad street - Al-Olayya District

A private hospital that has 450 beds including private rooms and elegant suites. It has 140 clinics covering all specialties and subspecialties . There are eight operating rooms , adult & pe    more >>

Working 24 hrs.

Phone Number4343800 Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Security Forces Hospital:   Tohamah street - Al-Dubbat District

Security Forces Hospital has stepped wide steps on the line of development and improvement of medical services, in both protective and remedial sides, provided to patients and performing sur    more >>

Working 24hrs.

Phone Number              Phone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Security Forces:   Salahuddin Al-Ayoubi street - Al-Malaz District

A government hospital for the workers of the Ministry of Interior. It provides all medical services, and has an inpatients ward. It has a radiology department, laboratories and an emergency     more >>

Working 24 hrs. for Emergencies

Phone Number4774480Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Saudi German:    1578 - Al-Qassim Rd. street - As-Sahafa District

It provides all medical services. There is a fully equipped laboratory which is open 24 hrs.. There is a radiology department which serves the clinic. There is also an emergency wing which i    more >>

Working 24 hrs.

Phone Number2685555Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Saudi British Hospital:   King Fahd street - AL-Olaya District

Saudi British Maternity Hospital is one of the most famous private hospitals. It is distinguished with its highly qualified medical cadres. It provides latest equipment and devices, medical     more >>

Working 24hrs.

Phone Number4636666Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Riyad National:    59 - Salahuddin Al-Ayoubi street - Az-Zahraa District

Located across from the Security Forces hospital. It provides services to all. The ambulance and emergency ward is open 24 hrs.. Outpatient clinics include the following medical specialties,    more >>

Working 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. / 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Phone Number4761211Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Red Crescent Socity (Hai Al Murabaa Branch):   Al-Dabab street - Al-Murabba' District

It is located in the middle of the city of Riyadh, next to the Ministry of Statistics. It is a charitable medical society which helps the sick and those who are harmed. There are 48 branches    more >>

Working 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Surgery Department: Open 24 hours a day.

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