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Tutti Mango:   King Abdulaziz street - King Fahd District

This restaurant is inside the Sahara Center of Riyadh which is located at the intersection of Kind Abdulaziz St. and Prince Abdullah St. They serve all kinds of juices and hot drinks like ic    more >>

Working 1:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m.

Phone Number2930285Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Tasti D. Lite:   Khurais street - AL-Olaya District

Tasti D. Lite Shop is specialized in selling of delicious and healthy ice cream, free of artificial sweets.

Working 7:00a.m-12:00a.m

Phone Number0566320627Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Shamieh Ice Cream:   Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz street - Al-Olaya District

Shamieh ice cream offers different types of ice cream with various flavor , Berries , Vanilla, Strawberries, Pistachio, Chocolate & cream.

Working 12:00p.m-12:00a.m

Phone Number4664049Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Rnod Juices:   Sheikh Jaber AL-Ahmad AL-Sabah street - AL-Qadisiyah District

Rnod Juices offer fresh juices, as they have customers who come to them specifically from different places.

Working 4:00p.m-12:00a.m

Phone Number8129280Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Ranosh:    657 - Al-Imam Saud bin Abdul Aziz street - Al-Ezdihar District

Ranosh limited Company was founded in the year 2002, the company expanded by opening new branches, and planning for more expansion in the future. The company has started offering only fresh     more >>

Working 8:00a.m-1:00a.m

Phone Number4554022Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

My Juice:    76 - Sheikh Abdullah AL-Angari street - AL-Worood District

My Juice is specializes in all types of juices, it has more than a 100 sort of natural juices in different types and sizes such as banana with honey, afucado, grape fruit, and banquets and p    more >>

Working 12:00p.m-12:00a.m

Phone Number4609392Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Mela Rossa:   Khaled Bin Al Waleed street - Al Hamra District

Mela Rossa offers many varieties of sweets and desserts which have very unique taste. It also offers different varieties of jellies, ice creams and pancakes in different colors and tastes al    more >>

Working 8:30a.m-1:00a.m

Phone Number2405720Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Marble Slab Creamery:   Al-Takhasusi street - Al-Moahamadiah District

Marble Slab Ice cream is a sophisticated store offers a variety of ice cream and coffee shop features wonderful decor.

Working 10:00a.m-12:00a.m

Phone Number4538746Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Luva:   Othman bin Affan street - Almugrazat District

Lofa for juices and ice cream offers many juices like Fakhfakhina, Rendo, Dana, Ramo, cocktail Lofa, Power Max Lofa, Ice Mango, Melco Lofa, Lofa Coco, and vanilla ice cream and toffee and Green Lofa.

Working 12:00p.m-12:00a.m

Phone Number4548928Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Kon Zone:   Saad Bin Abi Waqas street - AL-Naseem District

More than 60 flavors of ice cream, Cakes, Cookies and Frozen Yogurt are served daily. Our Tornado Machine offers custom blended fruit yogurt, each serving a masterpiece. Baked Cakes by our M    more >>

Working 9:00a.m-12:00a.m

Phone Number2650604Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

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