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Zowki:   Ibn Taimia street - Al-Maseef District

This shop serves all kinds of eastern and western sweets, cakes and chocolates.

Working 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.

Phone Number4502976Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Zero Zero Sweets:   Ibn Hazm street - Twaik District

Zero Zero Sweets offers the finest eastern , western, Tunisian and Moroccan desserts and pastries .in addition to chocolates such as Sable, Croissant Noga, Konafa, baklava , Lebanese dessert    more >>

Working 12:30p.m-12:00a.m

Phone Number2475033Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Zaki Pastries:    129 - Prince Jalawi bin Turki bin Abdullah street - Al-Morooj District

Zaki Sweets Shop is specializes in selling of all types of sweets such as popular sweets, eastern sweets, Bahrain sweets, betifor, and several collections for parties and occasions

Working 10:00a.m-2:00p.m/4:00p.m-11:00p.m

Phone Number4505951Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Yogurbella:   Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz street - AL-Sulaimaniya District

Yogurbella is a distinct place in the sale of many types of delicious desserts and ice cream flavors distinct and delicious also offers fresh juices.

Working 2:00p.m-11:00p.m

Phone Number2790999Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Wuroud Al-Bustan:    106 - Al-Orouba street - Omm Al-Hamam District

Wuroud Al-Bustan Sweets is located on Al-Oroubah Street, east of the Eye Hospital, in West Umm Al-Hamam District. They serve a splendid assortment of homemade sweets and Bedford, both with s    more >>

Working 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. / 4:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Phone Number4834223Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Wurood Al-Bustan:   Hisham bin Abdul Malik street - King Fahad District

Wurood Al-Bustan for sweets and dates offers several types of sweets such as creamed Basbousa,Kunafa, Shami dates, Shami and gulf local sweets, and bakeries.

Working 6:00a.m-12:00a.m

Phone Number4942371Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Wow Chocolate:    208 - Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz street - Al-Olaya District

Wow chocolate is a shop specializing in the sale of various types of luxury chocolates at competitive prices, and shop offers various configurations of chocolates for occasions such as Eid a    more >>

Working 9:00a.m-12:00p.m/4:00p.m-11:00p.m

Phone Number4661483Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Wooden Bakery:   Khurais street - AL-Sulaymaniyah District

Bakery Wooden Bakery section: Dairy and Cheese section , and a section of the types of Bakery, and a section for pastries and desserts. Also there is a section for individuals where there is    more >>

Working 7:00a.m-12:00a.m

Phone Number4879911Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Wooden Bakery:   Othman bin Affan street - Al-Mugrazat District

Wooden Bakery offers different types of desserts including chocolate and vanilla cake, Basbousa with cream, kunafa & balah Shami also features Sham and Gulfs highest quality desserts, it als    more >>

Working 2:00p.m-2:00a.m

Phone Number4725559Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Wifz Chocolate :   Bilal bin Rabah street - Al-Oraija District

Wifz Chocolate offers the finest Arab and Western desserts. With finest chocolate and confectionery products such as Croissant ,Noga, Konafa, baklava and Lebanese desserts and the finest cho    more >>

Working 9:00a.m-11:00p.m/4:00p.m-11:30p.m

Phone Number4330465Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

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