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Zuhoor Baghdad:   Abu Huraira street - E. An-Naseem District

This restaurant serves grilled fresh ostrich meat, appetizers and fruit juices. The food is prepared by Syrian cooks. Their service is extraordinary and they also offer free delivery.

Working 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.

Phone Number2316467Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Zuhoor Al-Sham:   Hisham bin Abdul Malik street - King Fahad District

Zuhoor Al-Sham Restaurant provides numerous of Shami foods and distinguished with its delicious roasted and kebab meals, with special section for pis, pizza, and special orders.

Working 1:00p.m-12:00a.m

Phone Number4507977-4543027Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Zowki:   Ibn Taimia street - Al-Maseef District

This shop serves all kinds of eastern and western sweets, cakes and chocolates.

Working 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.

Phone Number4502976Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Zoom Coffee:   Imam Saud bin Abdulaziz street - Al-Shohadaa District

Zoom Cafe is a coffee shop offers all types of hot and cold drinks, variety of snack foods, fresh juice, delicious sweets, free wireless internet, and many other services.

Working 6:00a.m-2:00a.m

Phone Number2482336Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Zero Zero Sweets:   Ibn Hazm street - Twaik District

Zero Zero Sweets offers the finest eastern , western, Tunisian and Moroccan desserts and pastries .in addition to chocolates such as Sable, Croissant Noga, Konafa, baklava , Lebanese dessert    more >>

Working 12:30p.m-12:00a.m

Phone Number2475033Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Zekra Al-Ayyam:   Dirab street - Thimar District

They serve Saudi dishes like Mathlutha, Mandi, Madhbi, Haneedh, and a variety of appetizers. They have a special division responsible for parties and weddings and they also provide free delivery.

Working 7:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m.

Phone Number4211222Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Zedni:   Aisha bt. Abi Bakr street - Al-Badee'a District

This restaurant is located in west Riyadh and serves the finest fast foods like hamburgers, broast and soft drinks. They have a special dining area for families and provide free delivery.

Working 4:00 p.m. - 2:30 a.m.

Phone Number4288196Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Zedni:   AL-Madina AL-Monawwara street - Al-Oraija District

Zedni Broasted offers fast foods such as normal and spicy broasted, grilled hamburger and refreshment.

Working 4:00p.m-2:00a.m

Phone Number4182766-4288196Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Zawiyat Al-Ameed :   Al-Imam Saud bin Abdul Aziz street - Al-Yarmouk District

Zawiyat Al-Ameed Restaurant is specialized in Saudi public foods, it offers several types of meals such as maktoum, maqlouba, mathloutha, bukhari, qursan, jareesh, and banquets and parties s    more >>

Working 12:00p.m-12:30a.m

Phone Number2148222Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

Zawiat Al-Saeed:   Sheikh Abdulaziz b. Muhammad b. Ali street - Zahrat Al-Badee'a District

This restaurant is located in west Riyadh and serves popular Saudi foods. They are fully capable of catering events and parties. They offer free delivery and and also sell animals for slaughter.

Working 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m.

Phone Number4180066Pone NumberEmailWebsiteMap

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