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 72 Hours in ArRiyadh
 ( Published On Wednesday 7 December 2016, 8 Rabi I 1438, Time: 14:31)

ArRiyadh City Web Site - 72 Hours in ArRiyadh


Day One

King Abdulaziz Historical Center

At the early morning, you can enjoy many places.You can be in King Abdulaziz Historical Center (the National Museum) from 9 am to 12 pm.This would take you through history and make you relive it.You can also visit Kind Abdulaziz Center where you can know more about his simple life and see some of his possessions which he received as gifts from other countriesí rulers.You will surely enjoy watching the antique displays.



From 1 pm to 3 pm, you can have your lunch and a break.There are many restaurants that offer you rest and enjoyment such as the Globe Restaurant in Al-Faisaliah Center, which is 266 meters above the ground or the Spazio Restaurant in Al-Mamlaka Center which is 300 meters above the ground.There you can eat as if you are sitting in extravagant place that overlooks the whole Riyadh.



After taking a break, you can go shopping from 5 pm to 9 pm. in the finest malls in the Kingdom where you can buy the best brands. Do not forget to visit the mosque located on the highest point in the world which is in 77th floor of Al-Mamlaka tower.



Day Two

Al-Diriyah and Hanifa Valley

From 10 am to 12 pm, you can visit the old city that witnessed the glory of our ancestors who called for the biggest religious reformation movement in the Islamic World.There, the Prince of Diriyah, Imam Muhammad bin Saud held Al-Diriyah Treaty with Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab. They both agreed to start calling people to reform their creed and purify it from innovations and superstitions.This can only be done by following the example of Muhammad, the Messenger of God (may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him), his Companions, and the righteous predecessors, fulling the duty of commanding good and forbidding evil, and trying hard to acieve this aim by whatever means.After that, you can visit Hanifa Valley where you can rest and enjoy the nature and spend some time away from the city with its noises and lofty buildings.


Lunch and Rest

At 1 pm you can return to the hotel to have your lunch and rest until 4:30 pm.


Al-Thumama Area and Dinner

From 5 pm to 12 pm, you can go to Thumama area to enjoy horse riding and motor cycles and to experience the charming nights of ArRiyadh while the children can play freely.Then you can have dinner in one of the traditional restaurants.



Day Three

Morning Coffee and Shopping

From 9 am to 12 pm, we suggest you take your morning coffee in one of the biggest cafes in Al-Tahliya Street, which is a free Wi-Fi hotspot where you can browse the internet. Later on, you can enjoy shopping in the stores that sell the best brands along the street.



At 12 pm you can have your lunch in one of the best restaurants in ArRiyadh, located in Tahliya Street, which is the Indian Copper Chandni where you can stay until 2 pm.


The Zoo

From 4 pm to 6 pm you can enjoy watching some of the rare wild animals and tamed ones such as elephants, lions, and tigers in the public zoo.


The Justice Palace

From 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm we suggest you go downtown to visit Al-Masmak Fort, from where the city of ArRiyadh was conquered and watch a documentary about the story of conquering ArRiyadh at the hands of King Abdulaziz, may Allah have mercy on him.You will be able to go through some photos that show the development in ArRiyadh.Do not miss visiting Al-Zal market where you can see how the Saudi Iqal (headband) is made and how carpets are woven.You can buy some of the antiques as well.



You can enjoy eating any of our dishes in one of the most famous traditional restaurants (Al-Qarya Al-Najdiya) located in Takhasosi Street.



- taken from Discover Riyadh by SCTA.

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