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 Top Saudi National Team Players
 ( Published On Monday 21 November 2016, 21 Safar 1438, Time: 13:10)

ArRiyadh City Web Site - Top Saudi National Team Players


v       Majid Abdullah (Striker/ FW) (the Icon)

v       Nawaf Bander Al Timyat (MF/OF)

v       Sami Al Jaber (Striker/ FW)

v       Fahad Al Gheshayan (Striker/ Winger)

v       Daeya (the Super Goalie)

v       Abdul Aziz AL Khatran (MF)

v       Abdul Jawad (DF)

v       Abdullah Sulaiman(DF)

v       Abdullah Al Dosari Salah (DF)

v       Abdullah Juman (FW)

v       Abdullah Sheehan (FW)

v       Ahmed Jamil Al Madani

v       Al Waked (DF/MF)

v       Abdulrahman Al Bishi (FW)

v       Saeed Al Owairan (MF/FW) (Scorer of that Amazing 1994 goal vs Belgium)

v       Yasir Al Qahtai(FW)

v       Hussain Abdul Ghani(DF)

v       Fahad Al Haraifi Al Bishi (MF/FW) (The Musician : Due to his playmaking skills)

v       Yousif Al Tinyan(MF/FW) (The Professor: As he used to teach defenders a lesson every day)

v       Abdullah Sulaiman(DF)


Majid Abdullah (Striker/ FW)


Naser Club - Saudi Arabia


Majid was one of the best Saudi strikers to put on the Saudi Arabian Jersey, in his prime he was unstoppable and most of his goals were top class solo or beautiful goals. He wore the famous #9 shirt for Saudi and he was one of the most feared strikers in Asia along with Moheisen Al Jaman ad Haraifi and Yousif Al Tinyan Majid show how classy the Saudi side of the 1984- 1994 were, Majid not only won Asian cup with Saudi Arabia 2 times, he also started the steps for Saudi Arabia toward their first world cup in 1994 and he contributed by taking away other defenders towards himself as Saeed Al Owairan scored the best goal of World cup 2004. Majid Abdullah himself scored some very beautiful goals.


He won various AFC championships with Saudi Arabia

On international stage Majid scored on Argentina, Brazil , England etc. Majid was not afraid to attack an opposing player.








Saudi Arabia vs Korea 1984 Asian Cup

Majid scoring on Argentina

Saudi Arabia vs Argentina

Majid scoring the goal of 1984 Asian cup against China

Saudi Arabia vs China 1984 AFC cup final

Majid scoring the goal againt England and makes it look so easy

Saudi Arabia vs England 1989

1 Majid vs 4 defenders and goolie, and he still scores

Saudi Arabia vs UAE

Majid dumping Iran out of AFC cup in 1988

Saudi Arabia vs Iran AFC cup

Majid Scoring on Korea in AFC cup 1984

Saudi Arabia vs S.Korea 1984 AFC cup

Saudis called on Majid to put back their qualification on track in  1993

Saudi Arabia vs Malaysia 1994 World cup qualifiers

Majid scoring on Kuwait another solo perfection

Saudi Arabia vs Kuwait 1984

3 denders vs Majid he fakes two defenders jumps over third and scores on helpless goalie

Saudi Arabia vs Newzeland


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Nawaf Bander Al Timyat (MF/ OF) 

Hilal Club - Saudi Arabia


Nawaf Al Timyat is technically a very gifted player who has great vision and love to do fancy things with the ball, he has a tremendous shot and he is hard to get off the ball. Nawaf has won Gulf cups with Saudi team and Arab cup championship and he was chosen  as best player of Asia for year 2000. Nawaf takes part in charities and donates his time with needy and thus he is loved by most of the Saudi fans for his soft nature off the field. Truly a great sportsman. He won various AFC championships with Saudi Arabia.


Unlucky for Nawaf he got injured after his best games in Lebanon that prevented him a chance to move to Holland, where he dreamt about playing in Ajax. May be he will move to Europe or not that remains to be see one thing is sure he is surely very talented.


Nawaf made appearances in 1998 world cup and in 2002 he came and played from a serious knee injury although he was best player on the field still Nawaf did not had chance to be at his best yet







Timyat's Killer goal to finish off Kuwait

Saudi Arabia vs Kuwait 2000 AFC cup

Timyat scoring his first goal on Kuwait

Saudi Arabia vs Kuwait 2000 AFC cup

Timyat trying to do his best to score for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia vs Cameroon 2002 world cup

Nawaf Al Timyat in Action against Brazil

Saudi Arabia vs Brazil 1999

Nawaf scores a goal vs Mexico

Saudi Arabia vs Mexico 1999

Nawaf score with a running volley vs Uzbakistan

Saudi Arabia vs Uzbakistan AFC cup 2000

Nawaf in Action check out what Nawaf does to a charging South African player now that is skill

Saudi Arabia vs South Africa 2001

Nawaf showing his shooting abilities in this clip

Saudi Arabia vs Bolivia 1999

Nawaf scores against South Africa

Saudi Arabia vs South Africa 2001

Nawaf makes an assist vs Egypt

Saudi Arabia vs Egypt 1999


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Sami Al Jaber (Striker/ FW)

Hilal Club - Saudi Arabia / Wolverhampton England


Just when Majid Abdullah was slowing down a new star was born by name of Sami Al Jaber, Sami and Majd had epic battles in local leagues and they each had their share of amazing memories, but Sami developed into a player also well known on the international stage. That is why perhaps he is more well known in international audience, but to Saudi fans both Majid and Sami are almost equal.


Sami played in 1994, 1998 and 2002 world cups and he also had chance to represent Saudi Arabia on Asian cup stage. He has nice skill and wisdom which he uses to mesmerize opponents, he also played and won Gulf cup with Saudi team. He also had a small stint in an English team called Wolverhampton which was a good experience for him. Sami is well known in Arab world and specially in gulf states. Sami scored on local and international stage. He is the only Saudi player to score in two world cups.








Sami Al Jaber scores against USA

Saudi Arabia vs USA 1994

Sami Al Jaber knocks out Iran form world cup qualifiers

Saudi Arabia vs Iran 1993 World cup qualifiers

Sami scores with the help of the pitch only Sami can do this

Saudi Arabia vs Thailand World cup qualifiers

Sami scores on half volley

Saudi Arabia vs Hungary 2000

Sami scores in a great Saudi comeback win against their old enemies China

Saudi Arabia vs China 1996 AFC cup

Sami helps destroy Bahrain

Saudi Arabia vs Bahrain

Sami scores on Bahrain long range thunder bolt

Saudi Arabia vs Bahrain 2002 Gulf Cup

Sami scores on Romania

Saudi Arabia vs Romania

Sami scores on Chile

Saudi Arabia vs Chile 1994

Sami shows his skills against England creates a chance

Saudi Arabia vs England 1998

Sami and more skills vs England

Saudi Arabia vs England 1998

Sami makes a fool of England's captain Tony Adams

Saudi Arabia vs England 1998

Sami showing ball control skill during game now that is ball control

Saudi Arabia vs Bahrain

Sami scores a goal in world cup

Saudi Arabia vs Morocco


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Status RETIRED too early

Hilal Club - Saudi Arabia / Naser - Saudi Arabia Arabia / AZ Al Kamara


When you are talking about skills there comes only one player FAHAD AL GHISHIAN the crafty winger came from nowhere and stole the hearts of local fans at Hilal club. He came from nowhere and led Saudi Arabia to an easy World Cup for youth in Asia and qualification to World cup in Asia. His totally single handedly destroyed I mean played and toyed with the whole Brazilian team who had no idea who this guy was. I am sure they were thinking hey left confirm he is not a Brazilian? I am sure some of the defenders were thinking like that. At one stage in the game Gheshayan was completely surrounded by three defenders and on one side he had the free throw line, but amazingly Gheshayan managed to get out of that!! The clip is included plus his other crafty footwork and skills. Gheshayan was a totally classy player, his touch on the ball was magical, and it felt as if the ball is attached to his feet and the turns he would make with the ball, defied laws of Physicals and gravity. Most of the time teams resorted to marking him with Three players Even Brazil learned that the hard way.


Gheshayan was a raw talent he played amazingly in preparation for major tournaments but some how he was rarely given chance in First team action in competitive action and that remains puzzling Why ???? Why?? would you sit out this talented player on the bench?? Even against Sweden he came on in last 10 min of game and yet he scored, also before that he came as a Sub. Gheshayan's main problem was the bureaucracy in the team that started to get Jealous of his skills also there were so many players in the Saudi team before him who were tested strikers and it became hard for Gheshayan to gain trust of a coach knowing that a single loss usually means execution for Saudi coaches in Saudi Arabia.


Gheshayan played  for Hilal club and together with Yousif Al thinyan  & Sami Al Jabir Hilal were just un stoppable!!. A twist happened in his career when he wanted to turn professional and he was sold to bitter rivals Nasser of Saudi Arabia, Gheshayan was a Hilal fan and it was hard for him to make that move but he had to move out of Hilal. It was a bitter pill to swallow for the talented player. He never would settle with Nasser club with his heart always with Hilal of Saudi Arabia. He made last attempt to turn professional at AZ Alkamara things did not work out well he came back. Disheartened he just decided to quite soccer at a very young age sitting he no longer is challenged by soccer and has family issues. If only Gheshaian was treated with care he would have been Saudi Ryan Gigs or Cafu. I think Gheshaiyan would have succeeded in an other club if he wanted and he can still play for any club in Asia. He is a player still remembered by Hilal fans as they were heart broken when he was sold to Nasser.





Fahad Al Gheshayan vs Brazil
1 man vs 11 man Brazil !!

Saudi Arabia vs Brazil

3 man marking on Gheshayan  2 man marking was too easy for Gheshayan

Hilal Club vs Nasser Saudi Club

Ghehayan causing all sorts of problems against top Tunisian club call Esperance (Taragi Tunisi) Most of the time a foul was the only way to stop Gheshayan

Hilal Club vs Esparance of Tunis

Gheshayan scoring on Sweeden

Saudi Arabia vs Sweeden 1994

Gheshayan almost scoring another one on scoring on Sweeden at the end of this clip

Saudi Arabia vs Sweeden 1994

Gheshayan makes Carlose Valderama fall and look silly in another instance

Saudi Arabia vs Colombia 1993

Gheshayan scoring vs Chile

Saudi Arabia vs Chile

Gheshayan showing off his trick called "THE Gheshayan" he would pretend as the ball is almost of the game the chasing player assume their is no way Gheshayan can recoved and what happens next is .. the usual Gheshayan is off to attack mode while the defender is scratching his head

Saudi Arabia vs USA


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Tai Club- Saudi Arabia / Hilal - Saudi Arabia Arabia


Daeya started form Youth Cup in 1989 winning the world cup and that was start of a new relationship with Saudi National Team for Daeya. Daeya is the younger brother for Daeya Senior who won the 1984 Asian cup with Saudi Arabia. Daeya was one of the stars for Saudi Arabia at World cup 1994 and also Daeya has been a show stopper when Daeya is at his game its is 200% times hard for the other team to score on Daeya. Technically gifted Daeya is also very athletic and is quite good with the ball with his feet as well. Daeya use to play handball and he learned his great abilities to save with his feet due to that fact.


Daeya helped his country win gulf championships and AFC cup and is an integral part of Saudi Team, one of the favorite moves that Daeya loves to do is to hang on to the top ball when he is in the mood for fun.









Daeya gave holland a hard time

Saudi Arabia  vs Holland 1994

Daeya made some stunning saves against Morocco as well in world cup

Saudi Arabia vs Morocco 1994

Daeya in great mood vs Belgium

Saudi Arabia  vs Belgium 1994

Daeya making some fine saves vs Sweeden

Saudi Arabia vs Sweeden 1994

Daeya working hard

Saudi Arabia vs South Africa 1998

A finger tip save from Daeya to deny emirates

Saudi Arabia vs UAE

Daeya in action in Asian cup

Saudi Arabia vs UAE 1996

Daeya was always good with his feet as well as his hands

Saudi Arabia vs Romania


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Abdul Aziz Al Khatran

Shabab Club Saudi Arabia Arabia


Talented midfield player




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Abdul Jawad (Left back)


Ahly  Club Saudi Arabia Arabia


Talented Left back was known for his darting runs and pinpoint crosses.



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Abdullah Sulaiman (DF)

Ahly Club - Hilal Club, Saudi Arabia


Talented Left back was known for his darting runs and pinpoint crosses.



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Abdullah al dosari (DF)


Ittifaq Club Saudi Arabia Arabia


Defensive player


Abdullah Al Dosari is #2 in the picture


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Abdullah Juman (FW)

Hilal Club Saudi Arabia Arabia


Offensive striker known for his shots




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Abdullah Sheehan (FW)

Shabab Club - Hilal Club Saudi Arabia Arabia


Offensive striker known for his speed , shots , finishing very dangerous striker



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Ahmed Jamil Madani (DF)


Ittihad Club Saudi Arabia Arabia


Defensive unit formed partnership at club and in Saudi national team with Khalaiwi they both complemented each other well

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Al Waked (DF/MF)

Shabab Club - Ahli club Club Saudi Arabia Arabia


Has a wicked long range drive and dead ball expert from distance



Abdul Rahman Al Bishi (FW)

Naser Club Saudi Arabia Arabia


Quick attacker and always a menace in attack


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Saeed Al Owairan (MF/FW)


Shabab Club Saudi Arabia Arabia


Powerful attacker, known for his thunderous shots, dribbling, and heading, he was a solid player for club and country. He scored some beautiful goals against Argentina & Belgium for Saudi Arabia and retired too soon from international soccer for Saudi Arabia. He formed a lethal partnership in Asia with Fuad anwar, Fahad Al Mahalel, himself, and others like Abdul Rahman Al Roomi, Salah Al Daud, Aniz the golden generation for Shabab Club.



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Yasir Al Qahtani (FW)

Qadsiya Club, Saudi Arabia


Qahtani is a gifted striker who has a special attacking style. He loves to do overhead kicks and scores beautiful goals



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Hussain Abdul Ghani (DF)

Ahli Club Saudi Arabia Arabia


Hussain Abdul Ghani is a speedy defensive left back who has a gifted ability to attack and defend. He is a hot head and gets into trouble quite a lot with the referees. He has nice crosses and can change the game in an instant.




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Fahad Al Haraifi ( FW/MF)

Naser Club, Saudi Arabia


Fahad Al Haraifi was the architect of Saudi attacks in 80's - 1994  and was an amazing player gifted with flair and vision. Majid, Fahad and Mohaisin Al Jaman formed a triangle that was the golden generation of Naser club in Saudi Arabia. Haraifi as he was known scored the winning penalty for Saudi Arabia in 1988 Asian cup final. He ran into problems with his club and thus quite soccer too early. He resolved the problems with his club but by then he was 37 but he came back for the fans in Naser and then said thank you to his fans and left in the sunset.


Haraifi lifted AFC cup with Saudi Arabia won everything in Saudi soccer and in fact also participated in the first Club World cup with Naser of Saudi Arabia.


He was a "musician", a playmaker



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Yousif Al Tinyan (MF/FW)


Hilal Saudi Club Saudi Arabia Arabia


Yousif Tinyan was one of the most talented dribbler and skillful players in the history of Saudi football. He was a menace for team on the wings in the midfield and every time he touched the ball it would shift the balance of the game, Tinyan & young Ghisheyan formed a special bond, a partnership in Saudi hilal team that would mesmerize opponents, but Tinyan was there for Saudi Arabia in early 80's Ghisheyan was in teens. Yousif became an inspirational leader for his Hilal club in later years guiding players like Nawaf Al Timyat , Ghisheyan and others.


Yousif played in confederation cup, won AFC cup with Saudi Arabia and won various cups with Hilal in Asian continental championships and even in Afro Asian - Gulf tournaments with Hilal. Saudi fans still miss Yousif as a member of the golden generation of Saudi soccer.


He was nicknamed the Professor by his adoring fans. Although retired, his memories remain in the hearts of Hilal and Saudi fans.







Yousif in confederation cup


Yousif and Ghishian

Club Action

Yousif Al Tinyan doing his thing

Yousif showing skills vs. Kuwait in 1998 Qualifiers

Yousif showing his skills vs. USA

Saudi Arabia vs USA 1993

Yousif in world cup action

Saudi Arabia vs South Africa

Yousif playing vs. Syria

Saudi Arabia vs Syria

Yousif playing vs. China

Saudi Arabia vs China

Yousif was one of the star players in 1988 Asian cup win too bad Saudi could not qualify for world cup that year

Yousif in Action in 1988 AFC cup

Like Majid Abdually Yousif was integral part of Saudi Dominance of late 90's

Saudi Arabia vs China 1996 AFC cup


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Source: Saudi Arabian Football Federation



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