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 Japanese way of waste treatment presented for Vision 2030
 ( Published On Monday 13 November 2017, 24 Safar 1439, Time: 8:44)

Japanese way of waste treatment presented for Vision 2030


The workshop titled “The Waste Treatment Workshop for the Saudi Vision 2030” was hosted by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and coorganized by the ministry and Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East (JCCME). It was one of the initiatives under the Saudi–Japan Vision 2030.


The purpose of the workshop is to transfer Japanese know-how on waste management for densely populated city and introduce its technologies for waste treatment which potentially contributes to the Saudi Vision 2030. The focused areas were municipality’s waste management, and treatment of Municipality Solid Waste (MSW), Industrial Waste (including medical waste), and various kinds of sludges. It was also discussed that how the wastes could be converted into energy, how variables could be recovered, and how the wastes could be recycled.


Presenters from Japan were, Clean Authority of Tokyo, Hitachi Zosen Inova, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, JFE Engineering, and DOWA Eco-System Japan. From the Saudi side the participants were, Ministry of Economy and Planning, Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources, Public Investment Fund, General Authority for Metrology and Environment, MODON, Arriyadh Development Authority, Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu, and consultant firms.


To initiate the workshop, Katsutoshi Ishikawa, counselor, Embassy of Japan, delivered his opening remarks by referring to Japanese culture for waste treatment. Following the remarks, Ministry of Economy and Planning presented its awareness of current situation of waste generation as a growing problem in Saudi Arabia and its measures to tackle the issue at national level.


Following above presentation, Clean Authority of Tokyo explained its method and experience as “Tokyo Model” from administrative point of view to manage MSW generated from 9 million dense population and emphasized important role of public sector.


From the private sector, Hitachi Zosen Innova introduced its concept “Energy from Waste — Sustainable Energy” how its technology protects habitat for human development and transforms waste into not only electricity, but also drinking water.


Heavy Industries (MHI) showcased its experiences and solutions for “Waste to Energy”, in the field of MSW, Industrial Waste, Sewage Sludge, and Biomass. The company also introduced Public Leadership Style and Private Leadership Style based on their experience in and outside of Japan to provide their solutions.


JFE Engineering presented its concept of “Optimum Solutions for Waste Treatment” for various kinds of waste to recycle, to generate electricity, and to produce gas fuel and solid fuel through their own integrated approach. The company also introduced its oily sludge separation system, which can recover oil from the sludge.


Lastly, DOWA Eco-System Japan presented its core business based on the concept of “Creation of recycle – oriented society”, which is represented by their activities, such as Waste Treatment (including hazardous waste and medical waste), Soil & Groundwater Remediation, and Metal Recycling by making use of their experience in mining business. The company enjoys its know-how to extract variables from fly ash, e-waste etc.


Japan Cooperation for the Middle East (JCCME) is a non-profit organization authorized and supported by Japanese government since 1973. Their main mission is to promote investment from Japan, support human resource development and SMEs development. JCCME is one of the enablers under the Saudi-Japan Vision 2030. — SG

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