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 Takamul trained more than 400 participants to work in Souk Okaz XI this year
 ( Published On Thursday 3 August 2017, 11 Dhu Alqadah 1438, Time: 10:54)

Takamul trained more than 400 participants to work in Souk Okaz XI this year

Takamul trained more than 400 participants to work in Souk Okaz XI this year


National Center for Tourism Human Resources Development "Takamul", which is the training arm of SCTH, recently trained over 400 persons from the participants of the 11th session of Souk Okaz, which was wrapped up few days ago in the Taif municipality.


The training program was carried out in response to the directives of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, President of SCTH who had ordered Takamul to pay attention to human capital and to train workers functioning in Souk Okaz of all government and private entities and volunteers to do their work professionally.


A training plan for this project was developed by Takamul in cooperation with the Souk Okaz administration and the SCTH branch in Taif municipality to sharpen the workers' skills.  Five training workshops were conducted for all workers on several themes, including the role of government integration and its economic impact on the region, as well as volunteerism and its impact on the development of the Kingdom and, finally, the development and enhancement of customer handling and crowd management skills.


More than 400 citizens who participated in the management, organization and operation of the Souk Okaz managed to pass those courses before participating in the market actively and positively. They received intensive training with specialized training packages designed by training and management experts who collected the training needs from the general plan of the programs and events of Souk Okaz.  In addition, having received information and knowledge about the importance of cooperation between the government and private sector and its impact on the local economy of the region, a strategic planning was developed to impact on the output quality leading to its success.


Takamuls action was based on the desire of over (217) of citizens (male and female) to qualify them for volunteer work at Souk Okaz.  It conducted workshops to sensitize them to the ways and means of cooperation between volunteers and regulators of Souk Okaz, impact of promoting loyalty on the development of volunteerism and ways to identify patterns and models of volunteerism in organizing events, identifying distinctive concepts and methods and positive behavior towards clients and superiors.  Alongside, right ways for effective communication skills, the principles of customer handling skills and VIPs, the protocol in organizing events, role of government departments in the development and raising awareness of the beneficiaries of their services, the role of the non-profit and voluntary sector in contributing to government and private sector assistance and its impact on community awareness.


In addition, two workshops were organized to develop and enhance the skills of (120) executives from military and Civil authorities involved in the organization of Souk Okaz in dealing with customers and organizing crowds. The training included the principles and concepts of marketing, methods and steps for managing events, introduction to the principles of crowd management, skills of supervision of joint teams, communication skills with tourists, customers, reviewers, visitors, and public.  Also, skills of dealing with emergency security situations in the management of events, identification and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the organizers to manage the events, and the skills of dealing with work pressure in the cooperating teams.


Takamul training courses and workshops fall under the efforts of SCTH towards the importance of empowering citizens with the skills required to work in organizing and managing events and conferences, as well as, developing their capacities. SCTA

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