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 Sub Centers in Arriyadh
 ( Published On Monday 21 November 2016, 21 Safar 1438, Time: 13:3)

ArRiyadh City Web Site - Sub centers in Arriyadh

Commercial development in Arriyadh is concentrated on the main roads that link the city center and the populated neighborhoods in the fringes of the city.


The economic boom enjoyed by the city contributed to making the center of Arriyadh the only commercial area in the city.



Sub centers in Arriyadh


This pattern led to the negative aspects of the city, such as heavy traffic to and from the center of the capital as the various economic and administrative activities concentrated in the center.


The people are forced to travel long distances between their homes and where they work, between the shopping and recreation centers in the middle of the city.


The new strategic planning for Arriyadh endorsed the commercial decentralization strategy by establishing new Sub centers that will contribute to the distribution of economic activities and administrative services to the new populated areas.





Sub centers at South-West of Arriyadh


The new Sub centers will help ease the economic development pressure on the middle of the city, achieve sustained urban development and help people in the new suburbs reach the new centers.



The future vision of the Sub centers is to create:-


v       New centers of multi purposes.

v       Peaceful and attractive environment.

v       Better atmosphere for making business.

v       Various forms of recreation and entertainment.

v       Specialized educational establishments.

v       To reconcile between traditional and new wave of architectural style.

v       Environment is to be taken into consideration.

v       Complete infrastructure for all transport means

v       High economic utility.



The Sub centers represent an advanced and far-reaching vision of planning and development.




Sub centers in Arriyadh


The sub centers are located at the fringes of the city and their development is supported by strategic and detailed development plan and infra structure investment.

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