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 King Fahad Road
 ( Published On Saturday 8 October 2011, 11 Dhu Alqadah 1432, Time: 21:13)

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ArRiyadh City Web Site - King Fahad Road

أحد جسور طريق الملك فهد

    One of the bridges on King Fahad Road

King Fahad Road   is deemed as the axle for the road net at Riyadh city which contains the ring road , Makkah Road , as well as King Fahad Road which stretches from the northern side to the southern side of the Ring Road which is deemed as the main road that links the north and south of the city.  The number of the cars crossing this road daily exceeds 500,000 vehicles while the vehicles crossing the road by using the junction and bridge from east to west exceed 700,000 daily.  This road contributes to far extent in facilitating the traffic between the north and south part of the city as well as supporting the exerted efforts for flourishing the city-center to rehabilitate the area in order to carry out its role as political and commercial main center in the city.


In this connection , the commission constructed the first phase of King fahad Road with 5.1km length and its was estimated of  SR 316,000,000.  This phase was completed and opened in 1411H.


The basic requirements were observed in planning this road.  The penetration of city center required designing the road in a shape of  an open tunnel which is lowered from the ground surface to avoid dividing the city into parts east an west in addition to protect the residential area in the  vicinity from the noise and air pollution resulted from the swift traffic.  Moreover, the balance of the traffics going towards the city-center and transit traffics was put into account when designing this road.  Accordingly, the road design consists of two different levels, one for vast traffics and the other for service road with sufficient exit-inlet along the road to facilitate movement in and out the road.


The containing capacity of King Fahad Road has reached 160,000 cars ont the swift lane daily in addition to 60,000 cars daily on  the service road.  The number of cars crossing this road when it was opened reached 140,000 vehicles daily on the vast lane in addition to 15,000 cars daily on the service road.  The traffic continues to increase until it exceeded 220,000 cars per day on the vast lanes and 40,000 cars on the service road for the time being.


The middle phase of King Fahad Road which was executed by the higher commission for Riyadh development is deemed to be great leap in the conception of road inside the city because it represents with its different  components a complete civilized system seeking to realize environmental balance  besides its traffic performance.  The contains besides the construction of the road the following main works:


Road Forestation and Coordination of the Site


طريق الملك فهد

King Fahad Road

The Road has been planted with trees and the site was coordinated at its length for decoration and protecting the residential area in the vicinity from air pollution. The site coordination works include tree-planting along the road.  Pushes and trees were planted on the strip divide the road inside the tunnel and along apart of the pavement extended at the ages of the Road.


The prominent distinguished element of site coordination on this road m the park planted on the covered tunnel at the junction of Imam Turki bin Abdullah street and Imam Mohammed bin Saud over an area covered 12000sq.m. In addition, ten small parks were spread at both sides of the road as well as green area at some sites to form a separated margins for the road as well as protection to parallel residential from air pollution as a result of heavy traffic.


Groundwater Drainage System Construction

The digging works at the tunnel of King Fahad Road has been exploited in constructing a system for decreasing groundwater level in the middle of Riyadh-city. This system drains great quantities of ground and surface water which has been discharged into the sewerage  and torrent channels in order to exploit this water in irrigation of the project plants as well as the near project such as King Abdulaziz Historical Center. The rate of pumping the groundwater reached 90,000 cubic meter per day.  But this average is decreasing as a result of groundwater level sinking.

Transfer and Reconstruction of Public Facilities

The public facility lines that serve the middle of Riyadh-city stretched along the way under King Fahad Road.  These lines were transferred to other intermediate locations during execution of the road until they were reconstructed according to the new lanes that has been identified on the road.  But the lines that has been passing across the road were fixed beneath the bridges until they were re-installed at its new site.  Moreover additional passages were constructed for the potential public facility lines.  



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